Welcome to the Social Science Tutor website.

I am a private tutor of Sociology and Psychology based in South Devon.  I am also a textbook author and editor.  I tutor students from GCSE to degree level, although I specialise in A level tuition.

Social Science Tutor is more than just a local business; through my online tuition service, I have helped students from London, Scotland, France, Switzerland and the Middle East to achieve their academic potential.

To arrange tuition, please call 07917 062798 or email socialscienceteacher@hotmail.co.uk.

Are you currently preparing for AS Sociology or Psychology exams? Are you considering private tuition for your A2 year?
I will have tuition spaces in September 2015. This can either be face-to-face for those able to travel to Teignmouth (in Devon) or online for those living elsewhere in the world.
Current availability includes:
Saturday mornings
Wednesdays between 9:30 and 2:30.

I do tend to become fully booked very quickly so these slots are subject to change, with priority given to those committing to at least one hour per week for the academic year.


Please note: the content of this website is designed, developed and written by myself: Vicki-Marie Piper Venn. Sadly, other tutors have recently copied and pasted sections of my website into their own tuition adverts.
I therefore assert my legal rights as the author of this website, the content of which is protected by international copyright law.