Welcome to the Social Science Tutor website.

I am a private tutor of Sociology and Psychology based in South Devon.  I am also an author, a proofreader and a Sociology AQA Examiner.  I tutor students from GCSE to degree level, although I specialise in A level tuition.

Social Science Tutor is more than just a local business; through my online tuition service, I have helped students from London, Scotland, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to achieve their academic potential.

To arrange tuition, please call 07917 062798 or email socialsciencetutor@outlook.com


I will have spaces available for tuition on Wednesdays between 09:30 and 14:30 starting after half term (24/02/16) - these will fill up very quickly so please contact me to reserve a space.


Please note: the content of this website is designed, developed and written by myself: Vicki-Marie Piper Venn. Sadly, other tutors have recently copied and pasted sections of my website into their own tuition adverts.
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